I was astonished to learn that rum is actually produced in well over 80 countries all around the globe. Not only that, but it is used in a variety of methods, including different kinds of distillation, a wide range of blending styles and even a vast amount of aging techniques.

We have always enjoyed rum in our household, and right now I am looking to learn more about the different types of rum that are available around the world. Not only do I enjoy drinking rum in my favorite cocktails, but I also like to use rum in some of the different meals and desserts that I make. Our neighbor is a home builder, and he says that they routinely give a free bottle of run and a 2 liter bottle of Coke in their new homes!

A lot of rums can be classified in a few distinct categories, including white rum that has a lighter body and a mild flavor. There are also gold and dark rums that will have a bolder, richer flavor to them. Even though white rum seems to be more popular when it comes to making cocktails, there is something to be said about adding a bolder rum to your favorite drink to really kick the flavors up a notch.

The more that I experiment with a blend of flavors, the better the drinks and dishes are.