Did you know that there are many different types of Rum? Rum is produced in 80 different countries, and each country has its own methods – so rum is fermented in different barrels, aged for different lengths of time, and handled differently depending on where it is from.

There are three different types of rum, white, gold and dark. Technically, ‘dark rum’ is not an official type, but enough people speak of it as if it is one that it is worthy of inclusion on this list. White rum is mildly flavored and clear. It is the cheapest of the rums because it does not need to be aged for long, and it is also the type that is most commonly used in cocktails.

Gold rum is aged for a few years. It has a golden or amber hue, and it has a slightly stronger flavor. Some people drink it by itself, and sometimes it is used to make cocktails if you want to have the rum flavor shining through a bit more. Dark rums are aged for even longer. Sometimes they have spices added to them, sometimes they are simply aged for so long they pick up more flavor from the barrel.