Trinidad Rum

Different types of rum

Hello and welcome!

My name is Paul (“Saint Paul” as my friends know me) and I live in Brooklyn. I have never been much of a drinker, and if I do, it will usually be a great glass of wine with dinner, or after dinner with a nice dessert. However, I have recently be introduced to rum and I like to use it in a lot of my cooking for a variety of main dishes as well as appetizers and desserts. I am now on a mission to learn all that I can about the different kinds of rum that are available and how I can use them in my cooking, as well as within some cocktails that can be paired nicely with meals that I serve to my friends and family.

I know that rum is based upon different depths of flavor with the coloring, from light rum all the way to the darkest kinds of rum. There are also a number of spiced rum varieties, which happen to be lovely to use for desserts, especially around the holiday season.

Is there some sort of an informational guide that I can look to that will help me to learn even more about rum varieties and which ones are best for certain recipes? I would like to know as much as I possibly can when it comes to different types of rum.